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Special Warfare Command, SWC - Est. 2007. (SWCPSA-2010)

Special Warfare Command, SWC, was founded in 2007 by David Miles for the purpose of education, implementation, and execution of MilSim (Military Simulations) training, exercises, and operations. SWC members are comprised of prior and active Military & Law Enforcement, to include Navy, Airborne, Army, National Guard, Marines, Police, Coast Guard, and civilians. We currently have members of SWC who intend on continuing to LE and the Navy.

With much success with SWC-MilSim over the last five years, SWC founded SWCPSA, The Special Warfare Command Practical Shooting Association, located out of Asheville, NC. The primary purpose of this organization is to transition from the world of MilSim, with the use of MilSim or Sim rounds and training weapons, into real-world application with the use of various firearms to assist in the training and awareness of shooting, in both practical application and defensive application. It is here, we place more emphasis on mindset, and not merely tactical instruction.

Special Warfare Command, in association with SWCPSA, strives to participate in non-training related events, as well as military and official tactical training exercises, working with both the military and law enforcement as OPFOR (Opposition Forces). We hope to continue to educate, and learn, from these events, on and off military facilities across the Nation. To date, SWC has operated in over fifteen States, including NC, SC, VA, TN, GA, IN, KY, OK, LA, FL, WV, PA, NY, FL, MI; even more, we plan to add TX, CA, and WI to the list by the end of 2013. SWC is currently in the planning and registration phases for Berget, the largest MilSim in the world located in Sweden; see you there in 2014!

SWC welcomes military, law enforcement, and civilian alike, to help share methods, material, events, weapons, and resources in the world of MilSim Operations and Tactical Applications of all types. We encourage all members to share in training evolutions, Milsim & RealMil events, local, regional & National Events, and even social activities that continue to promote a positive outlook in this industry. Altogether, SWC-MilSim and SWCPSA promote continuing training and education in the military and law enforcement fields for both active and non-active participants by way of proper, safe, and educated instruction in the field of Milsim.


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