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Block I


BCT 1.00 / Block I (Basic Combat Training) – A basic understanding of structure and technique of Basic Combat.

- Fire Discipline / Suppressive Fire
- Buddy team movements
- Fire Team Formations (Line, Column, File, Wedge, Diamond)
- Fire Team Movements
- Squad Formations (Line, File, Column)
- Squad Movements
- Moving Platforms
- Extraction Wedge
- Peels


ALW 2.00 / Block I (Advanced Land Warfare) – The ‘when and where’s’ of Land Warfare, as it pertains to Basic Combat.

- 2-man buddy movement on a single threat
- 2-man buddy movement on a double-stack threat (Counter Ambush and Peel)
- 4-man Fire Team movement on a single threat (Bounding)
- 4-man Fire Team movement on a double-stack threat (Counter Ambush and Peel)
- 4-man Fire Team movements under fire (File, Column, and Line)
- Squad level movement on a single threat (Bounding/Flanking/Advance thru)
- Squad level movement on a double-stack threat (File, Column, Line)
- Squad movement on a triple threat scenario (Peel and Moving Platforms)
- When to advance, Peel, Cover while in a Column, File, and Line
- Proper usage of Support and Heavy
- Use of heavy/armored vehicles


CQC 3.00 / Block I (Close Quarters Combat) – Proper technique for engaging the enemy in close quarters.

- Proper Pistol/Rifle firing techniques
- Rapid firing and reload with a pistol
- Rapid firing and reload with your primary – rifle
- Quick transition from Primary to Secondary weapons
- Speed Shooting Drills
- Movement outside a structure / Advance towards and to a structure
- A breech into a room/space (center and side doors)
- Clearing Rooms (small and large) - Short Room
- Movement in corridors (Serpentine and Rolling ‘T’ formations)
- Movement at ‘L’ and ‘T’ intersections (moving thru a ‘T’ intersection)
- Stair clearing (with and without landings)
- 4-point Egress (proper technique to exit a structure)


Block II


RTO 4.00 / Block II (Radio Telephone Operation) – Proper communication via telephone, radio, verbal, and hand signals.

- Basic radio usage/background (FRS, GMRS, VHF, and UHF)
- Proper Communication via a radio (Hierarchy of functions)
- Communication verbiage and commands (when and how)
- Hand signals (when to use over radios) (Close Quarters/Danger Close)
- Radio programming and subnets
- Usage – Discipline and description


LN 5.00 / Block II (Land Navigation) – The proper use of a compass and Map to navigate across unknown and hostile terrain.

- Use of a Lensatic Compass (Compass to cheek and center-hold method)
- Reading Topographic maps
- Land and Map associations (Direction and terrain features)
- Current Bearing and lateral error (drift)
- Tracking Locations
- Determining travel distance, route, slope, pace, etc.
- Route selection
- Reference points
- Daylight and weather predictions
- Night Navigation


Cm 6.00 / Block II (Combat Medic) – Skills required for a medic/corpsman in a Milsim Scenario as well as ‘Real World Injury.’

Part 1 (MilSim):
- Placement, location, and movement of a combat medic
- Proper technique and position while aiding and assisting
- Suppressive fire, movement, concealment under fire

Part 2 (Real World):
- Fractures
- Trauma
- Stroke/Heart attacks/Airways control
- Spinal injuries
- Heat Stroke and dehydration
- Snake bite
- Eye injuries
- Proper Gear and storage of First Aid
- Sequence of events, commands, and operations in a high threat situation

Part 3 (CPR):
- CPR Certification (Medical Priority, CNA, CNA II will suffice)


Block III


SCS 7.00 /Block III (Scout Sniper) – Fundamentals of concealment, movement, and target acquisition.

- Equipment and gear
- Ghillie suit and native vegetation
- GPS, Compass, and Land Navigation
- Concealment and Movement (situate, background, foreground movement, shape, color)
- Target Acquisition/ shot placement
- Distance ranging and association
- Evacuation Plan and Execution


AMA 8.00 / Block III (Amphibious Assault) – Proper techniques dealing with Recon, Aid-n-Assist, and Assault in a wet AO.

- 14’ and 19’ RIB Operation
- EUF Drills (Evac Under Fire)
- Insertion/Deployment
- WRP – Water Recon and Patrol
- Insertion Suppression and Evac
- Aid & assist bounding
- Wet deployment and Evac (in water in motion)
- (Part 2) Dive Certification or verification of Certification or Dive


AA 9.00 / Block III (Air Assault) – Combat tactics as they relate to high altitude or elevated structures.

- Repelling 101
- Repelling gear and harnesses (Rope, figure 8, equipment, etc)
- Proper technique for knots and tying
- Aircraft Dismount and Formation (security)
- 40’/60’ Rope Insertions (Towers)
- Lateral Breech from roof and/or elevated windows
- (Part 2) Jump Wings, Airborne Cert., Halo Qualified, or proof of jump (Static of High)


SERE 10.00 -Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (Blocks I, II, & III must be completed).

- Completion Course (Pass/Fail)
- Objective, Intel, Mission, LZ issued day of
- 12 Hour Timed Scenario


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